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90 Days of strike and still counting.


Each individual demand through the course of his scholar life to study in an environment where all the conditions of a stable and decent education are applied that consist of the quality of teachers and their availability in their schools and the amount of materials and resources put at their disposal. But, what happens when one of these conditions aren’t met?

these conditions are essential for building a proper future, they form as what we call “human rights”. And the obstruction of these fundamentals threatens the scholar development of students as well as putting their future at stake. And for that, students tend to protest and express their dissatisfaction on their current state under oppression, if this doesn’t work. They reach the stage where their demands reach the doorsteps of syndicates that organize strikes in order to reclaim their privileges and common interests.  

All of these words take us to the region of Bechar. Directly to the university of Tahri Mohamed where students of the national superior school of teaching “ENS” are on strike. It started with complaints of students about the situation they study in that consists of, shortage of resources and insufficiency of classes to contain the different promotions, lack of teachers. And to their final demand which seems to be in prior to their needs: The independency of their department from the university so it can be recalled a separate superior school.

Things didn’t seem to take a right course of actions from the authorities concerned as they didn’t give a response to their protestation to their specific case. Meanwhile across the territory of Algeria. Multiple national superior schools went on strike against the minister of superior education due to the Article N°4 signed in the contract between the student and the ministry. It states that, at the end of the formation of the student in the concerned school. An employment is guaranteed in his original address written in the commitment contract. Meaning that a job is secured at the end of his studies in his Wilaya. This article N°4 has modified the employment from the local region to anywhere across the territory of Algeria. This led to an extreme dissatisfaction of all the students of the concerned school especially female ones that can be hard for them to work on a place far from their local region. directing them to organize a national strike. The department of Bechar joined the strike on the 14th of November as a supportive organism. Which proved useful in extra to speak about their specific case.

The strike continued leading from the stoppage of the entire studies in that department to its full closure, the situation kept condensing even more and students were willing to go on a march from the university to the Wilaya headquarters and to prevent them from doing so. In the month of December, the Wali of Bechar requested a private meeting with the representatives of the organization that speaks for this strike and in the name of its students. The conclusion of this meeting came with the replacement of the head of the department by another one that seems reliable to fulfill the demands of the strike and keep the education on roll. But as expected. Nothing was changed and every word said was just, an Ink on paper.

By the 14th of February, the strike reaches 90 days as the students continue to protest in order to reclaim their rights and seek to change their disturbing and shameful state as well as giving a higher voice against the ministry to support the general case across all Algeria. Yet the way it is now, strike has proven to be both good and bad for the student, as one thing that is taken from their grip shall be returned to its former owner, but the continuity of this act makes the student a victim of his acts and the act of the ministry and proves to be paralyzing their education to a point where they lose hope at it once and for all and brings lots of suspiciousness towards the educational system in Algeria, putting their life at risk by making them more vulnerable to delinquency and what student might suffer from the consequences of emptiness.


Partenariat Réd-DIG-"Liberté"(#RDL)/NOMAD (EPAU)

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