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Algerian Youth 4 Global Goals

Youth for Global Goals movement is a way to mobilize youth in general to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ,  that were set by the UN in 2015. This movements, is an AIESEC initiative to raise youth’s awareness in more than 120 countries , about the importance of SDG. So the question that needs to be highlighted is:

Do Algerians know about this Action? And are they Already taking part of it ?

Since AIESEC is present in Algeria ,the organization’s members are working on spreading awareness among their peers and entourage , through campaigns in different algerian universities , events and fairs. In order to explain them the goals and how it’s highly important to reach them ,to make our planet a better place to live in for the next generations . Because understanding the value of this ,we, as the Global-led movement, decided to lead the way to engage young people to achieve the SDG’s from the first year of implementation .

And to give the opportunity for algerians to be part of this nobel action ,AIESEC help our young people to participate in volunteering projects that supports SDGs ,whether they are held her in Algeria in other countries .also , every year ,it organizes a National youth speak forum, that brings together both young (more than 200 people) and senior leaders ,to discuss goals and solutions that are more related to our society .

We as a global Organization , we believe that Algerian young people are part of the equation , to achieve the SDGs by 2030, for a better world.


Partenariat Réd-DIG-"Liberté"/AIESEC



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